Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lost and in Danger without 'Brain where are you?'...Rescued by The Parakid

The past two mornings I had to resort to juggling a hot, and slippery smooth glass press...with leather mitts...a messy and fumbly job pre-caffeine, lol.
Thanks to my son my coffee press has been repaired, in fact upgraded...he wrapped it and I shrunk the cord into place...the paracord is tight and like a super grippy pot holder, just as we hoped. It's honestly better than the original handle and a heck of a lot cooler looking.
Den also used our safety I'll never be 'lost' again :)
Entry by Dad...awesome repair work by Den aka The Parakid

Friday, December 28, 2012

Update - The Becker Necker...aka BK11

My son re-wrapped my BK11 for me. I'm so happy with the job he did that I wanted to share his work via video.

Our original post on this knife can be found here:

Entry by Dennis aka by Den and Den

Monday, December 24, 2012

Basic BK2 Mods

The above video shows some basic modifications I did to my KA-BAR Becker Campanion. The micarta scales alone are a major improvement and make the knife feel much more positive in my hands. I just could not warm up to those stock scales, and I tried. The BK2 is a bargain as far as the actual blade you get for the money, the micarta scales bring the knife up to a whole new standard in feel and safety (grip).

This sheath is what they call a horizontal 'scout' design, and is marketed to be worn in the small of your back...but...I grew tired of having stuff back there on my belt awhile ago. It looks cool but trust me doesn't feel that cool. So...I ordered a left hand model to be worn either out front, or on my left side, or somewhere between depending on the situation and activity. The fact that is a left hand model makes it a right hand release when worn out front. It also keeps my right hip open for other options.

The sheath is extremely well made and was a bargain when compared to other custom leather sheaths on the market. I will be doing business with Skystorm Leatherworks again. The communication between buyer and builder, quality of workmanship, and value of their products all rate outstanding. They make a variety of sheaths and I really encourage you to check them out.

Links that pertain to the vid above:

The Micarta Scales

The Sheath

I bought the knife itself on amazon. Shop around, the price on blades can vary wildly from website to website. Do your homework before buying.

And btw...Merry Christmas !! son and I shot this vid this evening, it's time for my wife and I to get our kids to bed now, that magical hour is near :)

God Bless folks...have a happy and safe one...


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa's Helper...Taylor's Barbie Workshop

Taylor shipped her first big order yesterday. Her Barbie clothes and gear have been selling really well at local craft shows. A friend of my wife's caught wind of Taylor's creations and saw some pictures on Facebook. She then wanted to stuff her girls' stockings full of Barbie originals for Christmas morning.

Here are a couple pictures of the order, 10 sleeping bags and two bean bag chairs...that are sure to make two little girls super happy on Christmas morning.

Thanks Tina !!

Entry by Dennis (Dad)... Crafty Barbie Gear by Taylor

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Surf'n Stallions

A couple of the wild horses taking a break in the surf on Assateague National Seashore. More to come from our recent camping trip on the island, we're calling it the best one yet, but they seem to work like that...I'm thinking we just really love it there :)
Blog entry by credit to his lovely wife Dianne

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Pumped up Pumpkinseed

My youngest landed this bad boy while on a family (that means mom was fishing too :) fishing outing this past Friday evening. She is now casting her own open face spinning reel, and has really grown to love fishing. Sunny plinking when you're a youngster is loads of fun...but when you hook into a brute like this one, whether you're a young kid like my daughter, or an older kid like know you're really fishing.

It may be hard to tell in the picture (my fault, and my daughter started complaining about holding it up, it had enough weight behind it for the  shoulder pain to set in while I waited for it to stop spinning, lol) but that is a monster of a pumpkinseed sunfish. I have oversize paws and it covered my hand and it had some thick shoulders on they have some genuine spunk at that size. What a blast it was to watch my daughter fight and land it. The sunnie took a meal worm, on a number 8 eagle claw, fished under a bobber with no split shot.

I was tempted to put this guy in the freezer for a future mount for her...but we released him with thoughts that a bigger one is likely in her future as Fall closes in. I'd like to keep one that she catches all on her own, as this one was, before she gets much just grow up so gosh darn fast.

Entry by Dennis, aka Dad

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mr. Big Bass

Entry by Dennis, age 10

I caught the largemouth bass in the photo above at a local (to us) lake in the New Jersey Highlands. The bass was caught this past Tuesday, July 24th, at 12:46 PM. I was using a pink rubber worn, rigged weightless, and weedless, so it would look more natural in the water. The bass was 15 inches long!

The fish ate the worm like there was no tomorrow! My fishing rod bent and the fight was on! It jumped and splashed it was so exciting!

My dad and sisters came rushing over when they heard the excitement! They were so happy for me!

After my dad took the picture we released Mr. Big Bass to fight another day.